I’ve been thinking about what happened in the past two years in my life and I can only remember great things. No worries, the best people I could have met, awesome parties, inteligent discussions about subjects that sometimes made me think how little I know about cultures. I have just realised that I lived among erasmus people for the last two years, and I think it was the best decision that I could have taken. Why? Because I met great people, funny people, I destroyed the stereotypes that I was convinced of, I showed people how beautiful Romania is and how little they know about us and our country.

One year since I left from the ground of ,,everything is possible”.

ESN Iasi. Also, hard working people, funny people, interested in knowing more and developing something that was so small last year. We grew up together, with people who helped us become more confident, people who gave us energy to become bigger and do greater stuff. I would like to thank to everybody who supported us, make us smile all the time, hug us when we felt weak, sad or just when we needed someone there. I would like to thank to everybody who became our friends, who gave us ideas, who came with us in Transylvania trip or Vama Veche. To everybody who danced with us in Baza, Underground or Hand.  Also, to everybody who worked hard this year so that ESN Iasi would be what it is right now.

Even though after coming back from Portugal I ended up with erasmus people, and I didnt have time to have my post erasmus ,,depression”, I will always be grateful to those who gave me a lessons of life last year, to those who never let me down and to those who always said ,,Ola”  in PAC even though they had no idea who I was. Last year, Portugal reinvented me, as I grew stronger, wiser. I know, everybody got back to their old life, lovers, friends, family, uni, work, but deep down in their heart, I know they will always remember what changed them, what showed them that world is too small and life’s too short to waste it.  Even though we got back in our contry, moved out, and maybe met better people across years, I know I will always miss seeing Enrico talking in English, Ilona’s delays and energy, Emi’s energy and support, Killer’s laugh, the interesting discussions with Loco, Sam’s dance, Patryk’s explanations about photography, the chinese people’s party, William for his support, Diego for his great ideas, Joana for her kindness.

All of you made me have the best erasmus, as my greek friend Chris wished me, and I am sure we will meet again soon, Iasi people, Covi people.  World is too small!